RedStar Actief

RedStar grows, packages and sells top-quality tasty tomatoes. These tomatoes are not only very delicious, but also tremendously healthy. And we aim to showcase the many health benefits of tomatoes with our image.

RedStar has more than 100 permanent employees. To perform well at work, the staff also have to feel good. RedStar makes a contribution to this and each year offers a new, customised programme to keep our colleagues fit, healthy, productive and motivated.

RedStar works with an in-house dietician and personal trainer of Westland-Gezond. Our RedStar Actief programme offers sports activities to our colleagues at the Poortcamp, Dinteloord and Voorne-Putten locations. We compete together in various events such as the Viking Run, Ride for the Roses and Bruggenloop. Staff can also participate in workshops on nutrition and exercise, and we offer mini drop-in consultations where any questions in the area of nutrition and exercise are answered. We also offer a free Health Check twice a year, which includes a careful examination of both physique and lifestyle: weight, body fat percentage, cholesterol, flexibility and much more.

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During the Health Checks, specific goals are formulated with the personal trainer; these could be to take more exercise, change eating patterns or perhaps even take part in a run. The personal trainer advises our colleagues on this, and helps them to achieve their goals. 

Because RedStar takes care of its colleagues. 


RedStar Actief is partly supported by a grant from the European Social Fund.