Our delicious RedStar tasty tomatoes are grown under the most high-tech conditions. In the greenhouses, the tomato plants’ development is monitored day and night by computers and control systems. Our growers also use the most advanced growing techniques: from water management to path registration. Via tracking & tracing, we monitor the tomatoes from the harvest all the way to the customer.

Telers RedStar

In our greenhouses we aim for maximum use of sustainable growing methods. These include recirculation of water and energy saving, for instance with combined heat & power systems at the growing location and participation in geothermal and residual heat projects.

Our passionate growers are constantly engaged in perfecting the growing conditions. In addition to using advanced technologies and refined growing methods, the grower’s experience is essential. Growing tasty tomatoes starts, of course, with expertise. More than 65 years of knowledge and experience, combined with the latest techniques, results in the best conditions for our tomatoes to grow into true taste sensations of consistently high quality.

Taste innovations
During the growing process, we constantly research the taste development of the tomatoes. We are always looking for the very best tasty tomatoes. For this, we work in close cooperation with seed companies to refine the variety selection and to optimise our range.  

Teeltlocatie RedStar Dinteloord
Growing locations 
RedStar has several growing locations in the Netherlands, with a total area of 66 hectares. Our greenhouses are located in Dinteloord, Tinte-Oostvoorne and Luttelgeest. 

In addition to the growing locations in the Netherlands, we work in partnership with a growing location in Morocco, with a total area of 40 hectares. This is one of the reasons why we can supply our customers all year round with a total range of tasty tomatoes of consistently high quality.

RedStar also has a close partnership with Thanet Earth in England. In the context of internationalisation, we grow tomatoes here for the local market.

RedStar’s systems and growing locations have Groen Label Kas (GLK; ‘green label greenhouse’) certification. 
And RedStar complies with the highest possible certifications in the areas of hygiene, food safety and quality in the growing, packaging and transportation of tomatoes.

In the area of growing, we have the following certifications: