Boutique Restaurant Bavette


At Bavette we work with meat from our own farm and apply the principles of the Boutique Butcher concept. The cows live in our own pastures behind the restaurant and are 100% pure Wagyu and Hereford stock. After a carefree life in the pastures, the meat of our Wagyus and Herefords is wonderfully rich in flavour. And because the animals have plenty of space to grow and are completely free to move around and keep their muscles supple, the meat is especially tender.

Our kitchen contains our Meat Market, a butcher’s shop display where our guests can select their own favourite piece of steak and choose the preparation method (pan or Big Green Egg). The members of the Bavette team offer advice to guests at the Meat Market, informing them about the meat and the different characteristics of the Hereford and Wagyu cattle.

Bavette & RedStar

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Boutique Restaurant Bavette is not only a restaurant but also a real Boutique, which sells meat to cook at home as well as sauces, various kinds of jam, juices, chutneys and also delicious RedStar tomatoes. 

We like to work with the best and freshest products, preferably from our own region, and the RedStar tomatoes fit in very well with these criteria. The tomatoes are extremely high quality and have an excellent flavour. The different colours of tomatoes also give many options for the presentation of dishes. 

Foodhallen Rotterdam

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In August 2018 the Foodhallen opened at Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam: 15 different food concepts under one roof, and Bavette has a stall there with Burgers & Ballen (meatballs). A range of burgers with Rotterdam-related names are served with RedStar’s ultra-delicious tomatoes.