RedStar Red Desire

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The RedStar Red Desire is a unique taste sensation. This premium mini plum tomato on the vine has a beautiful deep red colour, a unique shape and a pure, intense taste.  The Red Desire stays on the vine as long as possible, for the best taste sensation en maximum nutrients. 

RedStar Red Desire

RedStar Red Desire

Extra sweet mini plum vine tomato


Qualities of the RedStar Red Desire

  • Exclusive mini plum tomato on the vine
  • Pure, intense sweet tomato
  • Beautifully formed vine
  • Unique shape of the tomato
  • Distinctive on the shelf

• Weight: 11 - 12 gr. 

• Brix: 10 or higher


The Red Desire is a unique tasty tomato. Her sweetness comes out perfectly in cold dishes, but she also does it excellent in culinairly hot dishes.

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