Our company

RedStar has been the total specialist in the area of high-quality tasty tomatoes for almost 70 years. As a total specialist, RedStar grows, packages and sells pure, fresh, tasty tomatoes all year round. Which means that we can respond rapidly and effectively to our customers’ wishes. And RedStar also likes to help customers to develop ideas. In order to work together and to inspire each other, in the area of marketing concepts, packagings, shelf positions and category management.

RedStar began as a family company and was founded in 1953. The company expanded over the years and in 1996 started to trade under the official name RedStar. Since then, RedStar has developed into a strong international partner, with a turnover of almost 100 million euros in 2017. In addition to growing locations in the Netherlands, RedStar has joint ventures with growing locations in England (Thanet Earth) and Morocco. This is one of the reasons why RedStar can supply its customers all year round with a total range of tasty tomatoes of consistently high quality. The various locations employ a total of around 150 permanent staff, which can increase to 700 with temporary staff during peak times. All of them with love for the product and the possibility of developing within the company. RedStar aims to be exemplary as a company for which to work, with which to collaborate and in which to invest.

RedStar is always seeking the highest quality tasty tomatoes, by selecting new varieties and conducting quality and taste tests. With 13 certifications, RedStar complies with the highest possible quality requirements, ensuring that food safety and excellent shelf life are guaranteed. RedStar also attaches great importance to Corporate Social Responsibility, demonstrating that sustainability and profitable expansion need not be mutually exclusive. In its modern greenhouses, the aim is to make maximum use of sustainable growing methods. The packaging of the products takes place in the state-of-the-art packaging centre in De Lier (NL), which is also the location of the organisation’s head office.

RedStar aims to transform the eating of tasty tomatoes into a true experience. 
Celebrate the taste. With RedStar.

RedStar wishes to be an organisation that supplies its customers all year round with pure, fresh, tasty tomatoes of consistently high quality. By growing, packaging and selling the tomatoes itself, and constantly seeking to improve its range and hence the customer’s category, RedStar delivers optimum service and demonstrable added value. The basis for a true taste experience and a reliable partner in the supply chain.