RedStar introduces delicious Tomato Salsa Kit



RedStar is introducing the Tomato Salsa Kit. This Tomato Salsa Kit contains all the ingredients needed to easily make a tasty, healthy and super-fresh tomato salsa: RedStar tomatoes, shallots, garlic, red chilli pepper and a lime. The kit also includes the delicious recipe for this Tomato Salsa. With this concept, RedStar meets the consumer needs for convenience and fresh produce.

Innovation is a growth pillar
RedStar proactively focuses on innovation in the entire supply chain. We develop our product range on the basis of the tastiest tomato varieties. In the area of packagings and concepts, we constantly inspire our customers. A trial version of the Tomato Salsa Kit received many positive reactions at the Fruit Logistica 2019 in Berlin and at various tasting sessions!

This convenience product fits in with the trend for fresh produce kits, which helps to reduce food waste. In addition to innovation, sustainability is a very important growth pillar of RedStar.

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