Looye Kwekers and RedStar to continue independently

Fusie RedStar Looye

  No agreement on control of the business

The intended merger of Looye Kwekers and RedStar will not take place. After intensive discussions, no agreement was reached on the control of the business between the shareholders of both family businesses.

On 5 July 2018, the companies announced their intention to merge, based on a joint letter of intent signed on 3 July 2018. Both companies regret that the intended merger will not go ahead.

Jos Looije, on behalf of Looye Kwekers: "It is very unfortunate that our two companies will not become one, as there would be benefits both for the companies themselves and the customers. We are going our separate ways with respect for each other. Looye Kwekers will continue as a strong, independent company with a bright future and a clear long-term vision. With our strong brand tomatoes, focus on taste, long-term vision and good people, we will continue in the coming years to fulfil our ambition to provide consumers with the tastiest tomatoes."

Cor van der Kaaij, on behalf of RedStar: "It is unfortunate that the envisioned cooperation did not take shape, because the companies do fit well together and complement each other perfectly. Despite the opportunities both companies see, we have respectfully opted to go our own ways. We will continue with excellence toward a bright future as an independent company with highly motivated employees, further building our strong and well-known brands such as 'Red Star Romantic' and 'Red Star Red Desire'. RedStar strives consistently for the highest quality."

About Looye Kwekers
It is our ambition to let as many people as possible enjoy the taste of quality tomatoes. We want the best. With good people. With valuable relationships. We make flavour. Sharing enjoyment is our objective. That makes us proud. This we have summarized as "The taste to catch!".

About RedStar
RedStar is the specialist in the field of high-quality taste tomatoes. As a total specialist, all year round RedStar grows, packages and sells pure taste tomatoes in the segment under 30 grams. RedStar thinks along with the customer, collaborating in the areas of marketing, packaging, shelf position and category management to inspire the consumer.

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